About us

Hotbox Productions is a Montreal company that has been operating in the music industry for 10 years now.

Offering services to companies and established artists or emerging Productions, Hotbox has topped the productions in Quebec through: its two recording studios of professional quality, his publishing house, which recruits composers within the Hotbox team, musical expertise and reference production now provided by David Boisvert, Damien Robert, Christophe Martin, Alex Papineau and Sebastian Riscalla, the company founder of Hotbox Productions.

Although Hotbox mainly specialises in rap and hip hop, the company excells in pop, rock, Urban and R&B music.

Hotbox Productions has been nominated and honoured on numerous occasions and has won many competitions. Its talent has been nominated and recognized by these award wins: 2006 ADISQ Gala; 2007 Gala Mu and 2010 ADISQ Gala.

Whether our services are required for record production, film music or advertisement, our professional team is the perfect choice for the implementation of any of your projects.